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Terms and conditions

Site Visits

We recommend for all projects, a site visit takes place and offer the initial visit at no charge to the customer. During the site visit, we will discuss all your requirements, survey the area works are to be carried out, take full measurements and pictures (if we feel relevant) and check access requirements for our vehicles/machinery/deliveries etc. The information obtained will be used to produce your estimate and will provide us with advance notice of any hazards or difficulties we may have to factor in.


Estimates and costings provided by Pond Form Ltd are only valid for a maximum of 30 days (from the date of your estimate) and are subject to price increases inline with RRP, inflation and our supplier’s costs.

Deposits and Payment

A non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm the booking. Details of your deposit are included in your estimate. Receipt of a deposit is the customer’s acceptance of Pond Form Ltd’s full terms and conditions; acts as your agreement to instruct Pond Form Ltd to undertake the works as agreed; and is your agreement to the payment scheduled.

For projects longer than one week, an interim payment will be required. This will be advised to the customer in advance of works being carried out. The final balance will be invoiced to the customer through our accounting system (Sage) with final payment due upon completion of works and no later than 5 days. Your final balance may include extra charges e.g., for materials purchased in addition to those in your estimate.

Pond Form Ltd are unable to provide settlements by instalments.

Quantities and Estimated Costs

Quantities and estimated costs are based on the description of work to be carried out following the initial site visit. Additional work and materials may be necessary during the project should the customer’s requirements change. Please be aware, this will incur additional costs to those estimated. Pond Form Ltd will inform the customer throughout the project if this becomes apparent and will seek approval from the customer in the first instance.

Selection of Materials and Plants

Pond Form Ltd will not be held responsible if there is an occasion where a customer is not happy with the aesthetics or species of materials or plants selected by us on their behalf. We do not offer refunds on plants that have failed under the customer’s care.

Quality Control and Completion

Pond Form Ltd do not take responsibility for failure of materials or plants that have not been suitably, correctly or effectively maintained once installed by our engineers. However, Pond Form Ltd prides itself on the supply of good materials and plants, and its premium service. We therefore request, should in the unlikely event, any issues relating to the quality of the materials or plants we have provided arise, it is brought to our attention immediately. Photographs will be requested to enable us to assess, identify and resolve any issues as Pond Form Ltd feels appropriate.

Once a project has been fully completed and prior to leaving site, our engineers will hand over the completion of the project to the customer. At this point, our engineers are also handing over full responsibility of care to the customer. Mis-use or neglect may result in any warranty being void and chargeable fees for repairs etc will be applicable.

Should the customer request the reuse/reinstallation of any existing materials om site (e.g. plants, paving, stone, pumps and pipework, lights etc) within a project, Pond Form Ltd will not be held responsible should they fail when reused/reinstalled. Although great care will be taken with all materials, Pond Form Ltd has no prior knowledge of their sustainability and therefore no guarantee can be provided by Pond Form Ltd that these items will survive their reuse/reinstallation.

Customers should be aware, external pipework for ponds and water features will be hidden to the best of our ability, taking into consideration what the location/environment allows us. Internal pipework and pumps can be visible in water – pumps should not be covered as this will cause damage and issues to the filtration systems.

Photos and Video Footage

Pond Form Ltd may take photos and/or video footage during the project and upon completion. These may be used on our social media sites and/or website. Pond Form Ltd hold the permission rights of these files and agreement to this by the customer will be assumed unless Pond Form Ltd hear otherwise in writing from the customer before completion of works. The customer’s identity and property address will not be identified when posting.

Data Protection

Upon agreeing to the works carried out and payment of the deposit, the customer agrees to Pond Form Ltd holding your information. We will never pass on your details to a third party, except to fulfil our service obligations to you – for instance, by passing your address details to a delivery courier/supplier. We will securely remove your details from our records at any time upon receipt of your written instruction to do so and will retain only the information that we are required to hold by HMRC and our accountants.

Pond Form Ltd reserve the right to amend all terms and conditions, giving customers reasonable notice and by display the changes on our website when appropriate.

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